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WASH Program

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program

Goal: Reduced incidence of water borne diseases among village community members

Purpose 1: Improved safe and adequate water supply in rural villages

Purpose 2: Increased proportion of village people who are using sanitary latrine

Purpose 3: Developed personal hygiene and health washing practices and behavior among higher proportion of village communities

Development Strategies for WASH Program

  1. Engaging community for grassroots participation in community health development
  2. Raising awareness of community health and development needs and problems in relation to WASHamong village people.
  3. Political and Government mobilization for their support and involvement in community WASH program.
  4. Partnership with strategic alliances such as government organizations, International organizations, local Civil Society Organizations and Community-based Organizations.
  5. Establishment of community health systems for development of community empowerment and sustainability of community-owned WASH Program.
  6. Capacity development at the community level in relation to community-based WASH program.
  7. Facilitation of community health development process for self-sufficiency of the community program.
  8. Development of a model of community mobilization and development program for organization learning.