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2021-01-15 17:47:47

Advocacy session

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project in Htee Pu village tract, Nyaung U were initiated to implement with support of Plan Internal Myanmar and donation of Austria National Organization (ANO) in July, 2016. Before project beginning, CMMDA team made advocacy to all departments, NGOs and INGOs in Nyaung U Township and village leaders and beneficiaries in project area. As process of advocacy, it involved highlighting project title (WASH project), project duration (3 financial years) and project objective (to have good hand washing behavior, to live in Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities and to have access to sufficient and safe water). The following contents of project description were that this project focuses on improving sanitation and hygiene practices in 8 villages for over 4,200 direct beneficiaries. It shifts the focus of existing work from water infrastructure to hygiene and sanitation practices. It moves away from delivering sufficient safe water in a community, to focus on hygiene and sanitation. It incorporates sanitation marketing into PLAN programme for the first time, and has a dedicated approach to address gender and disability.

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