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Nutrition Program

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Nutrition Program

Goal: Reduction of child mortality due to complications of malnourishment among under 5 children.

Purpose 1: Higher proportion of well-nourished children under five years of age in rural communities

Purpose 2: Increased number of healthy children protected from childhood communicable diseases

Development Strategies of Community-based Nutrition Program

  1. Advocacy with village leaders and stakeholders for community awareness raising and engagement
  2. Participatory learning together with community members to identify community needs and child health problems, in the contexts of child growth and development.
  3. Establishment of community-based health system in each community, organizing village-based health development groups for self-management of the program.
  4. Initiation of public education and peer education program among the village mothers of under- 5 children, in respect of child growth, prevention and essential care of childhood communicable diseases.
  5. Mobilization of government health system to have engaged the community groups for grassroots health Development, focusing on child health and development
  6. Assisting the village health groups and mothers in proper cooking, feeding and growth monitoring for better nutritional status of under-5 children; participating in child immunization and regular deworming, etc.
  7. Establishment of networking system among the village health groups for interdependency and sustainability of community health development programs and activities.